Gift Baskets


Birthday themed gift box filled with assorted snack foods.


Deluxe wicker basket creatively designed in seasonal wrap and bows and can be filled to the brim with unique fruit jellies, mulled wine spices, European cheeses, dried fruit, pate, cranberry bark, buttery shortbread, sparkling cider, smoked salmon, assorted crackers, fancy truffles, After Eight mints, fudge, liquor cakes, smoked oysters, pretzels, assorted cookies, Saskatoon berry jam & syrup, cheese biscuits, fruit wreaths, hot & spicy nuts, gingerbread cookies, flavored coffees, cranberry teas, napkins, candles, ornament, wine*, liquors*, & much more.** Shown $329.99

*Wine must be supplied by the customer. ( Color of basket design will vary based on availability)


Gift Box Wrapped In Designer Tulip Wrap And Can Contain Popcorn, Dark Roast Coffee, Cheese, Crackers, Truffles, Pretzels, Dried Saskatoon's,Saskatoon Berry ,Tea, Granola Bars, yummie Cookies, bath products and so much more


A wicker basket suited to every occasion filled with delicious fancy chocolates, Sask.fudge, herbal teas, cheese, savory pretzels, mixed nuts, popcorn, salt taffy, assorted crackers, biscuits, Saskatoon Berry Jam and Chocolates, honey, assorted cookies and more.


For Boy Or Girl. Colorful tote container or wicker basket containing plush animal, knitwear, bibs, books, rattles, receiving blanket, sleepers, hair sets, plastic cutlery, bottles, etc.

Filled with assorted office snacks including candies, chocolates, cookies, teas etc. SASKATOON ONLY

(Saskatoon Store Only) Live tropical plants and butterfly chocolates designed in a lime green polka dot mod bag.


White or Black & gold themed gift box filled with assorted coffees, coffee creamers, chocolate covered coffee beans, biscotti, chocolates, popcorn, cookies etc.


Stylish fresh & hot coffee mug filled with gourmet coffee, hot chocolate, cafe crunch & chocolate SASKATOON ONLY.

Decorative brown & white handled box filled with coffees, teas, hot chocolates and chocolates.


Ideal for the person with a sweet tooth, this fun design is filled with chocolate bars, candies, popcorn and more. Designed as a bouquet. ( containers will vary)

Also themes can also be varied based on the holidays or occasion (Easter, Valentine's, Christmas etc.)

Mug, pail or theme box designed like bouquet containing sweet and savory snacks- assorted chocolate bars, popcorns, pretzels, candies, hot chocolates, nuts,...