Gift Baskets

Assorted, hand selected, fresh seasonal fruit and mixed nuts

Wicker basket decorated in vivid colours containing fresh seasonal fruit with chocolates and sweets.


Huge, hand selected, variety of fresh seasonal fruit

An assortment of seasonal fruit, flowers & rich chocolate

Attractive 10' wicker basket filled with tropical and flowering plants (plants & colors will vary)

A canvas storage organizer with lid, depending on size chosen, can be filled with assorted chocolates, hot chocolates, herbal teas, sparkling cider,...


Attractive gift box filled with chocolates,herbal teas, gourmet coffees, nuts, candies, popcorn etc.



For Him- filled with Valentine treats and snack.

For Her-filled with Valentine treats, snack and bath

Beautiful basket designed in fall colors and can be filled with antipastos, cheeses, crackers, pate, assorted nuts, fall chocolates, chocolate covered...


Colourful and decorative gift box with chocolates, nuts, candies, popcorns, assorted teas, cookies, and more (color of totes will vary)


Wicker basket may contain a wide variety gourmet nuts, milk & dark chocolates, Saskatoon berry chocolates, Saskatoon Berry jams, pistachios, peanuts, cookies, fudge, dip mixes, assorted crackers, fancy truffles, buttery vanilla caramels, biscuits, popcorn, savoury pretzels, gourmet coffee, hot chocolates, European cheese, smoked salmon and more. (Quantity and selection will increase with price)

Make a Lasting Impression! Tall gift basket may be filled with wine jelly, chai tea, caramel cookies, Pretzels, syrups, creamy cocoa,popcorn, Saskatoon...