Assorted candies, cookies and teas.


4" container filled with Latte drinks, shortbread cookies, granola bar, lindt chocolates and licorice. ( box design may vary)


Ceramic smiley pot to brighten someones day with a 4" tropical plant. (available from Saskatoon Store only)


6" bamboo organizer filled with goodies. Great for the desk.


Stylish coffee mug filled with gourmet coffee, chocolates, cappuccino or mochaccino mix and healthy snack mix. SASKATOON ONLY.Y.


Shortbread cookies, chocolates, savoury snack, granola bar, Chai tea latte and herbal teas.


2 tier 4" boxes in pink and green for the women or black and white for the men (Colors Will Vary) Filled With cookies, pretzels, chocolates, savoury snack, teas, coffee etc. Can be custom designed.


Black & White Themed 8" Boxco box filled with Popcorn, biscuits, shortbread cookies, chocolates, pretzels, hot chocolate,

assorted teas, etc.


Pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, gourmet coffee, mochaccino or iced tea, caramel popcorn, granola bar, trail mix and almond butter crunch bar.

Themed Boxco box 6" x 4" x 4"


Colorful Gift Boxes are filled with delicious gourmet treats and snacks that they will enjoy.

Products will be design based on occasion. ( Birthdays, Valentines, Admin Week, Father"s Day, Mother'S Day, Oops, Easter, Get Well etc.)


Decorative box filled with everything chocolate. (Container and colours will vary with inventory)


Attractive Gift Box wrapped with movie themed ribbon & filled With Assorted Microwave & flavored popcorn, savory snacks, hot chocolates or iced teas, assorted Chocolate Bars, Jelly Bellies, Veggies Chips etc. SASKATOON ONLY