A wicker basket filled with holiday treats such as delicious hot chocolates, sparkling cider, herbal teas, Christmas mugs, mulling spice, flavoured coffees, assorted chocolates, ginger and shortbread cookies and assorted popcorns. (**Contents, quantities and sizes vary with price *Alcohol must be customer supplied)


Attractive, quality black wicker basket for sharing at home or the office can contain Lindt chocolates, French truffles, buttery pretzels, sparkling cider, party mix, fruit jellies, Sweet bark,holiday teas and coffees, mixed nut tray, cheese, water crackers, shortbread & ginger cookies, dip mixes, assorted candies, mulling spice, smoked salmon, caramel popcorn, crab, smoked oysters, cheese biscuits etc . Basket may vary in color. ( Alcohol must be supplied by cu


A gift basket or gift box that can be filled with Prairie products, Saskatoon berry chocolates, jam, popcorn, sparkling cider, teas, syrups, lentil snacks, assorted honey, fudge, chocolate covered & dried Saskatoon berries etc. ( Shown $159.99)

(**Contents, quantities and sizes vary with price *Alcohol must be customer supplied) Cannot Ship Sparkling Cider.


Mod gift bag filled with assorted Christmas chocolates. Limited Quantity.


Just like it says . . . all chocolate & sweets


Attractive wrapped gift box filled with an assortment of products with nuts in them, for the nutty one!


Designed in a flat tray wrapped with clear cello and contains Saskatoon berry- champagne cider, dried berries, handmade chocolates with a creamy Saskatoon Berry filling, chocolate covered berries, jam, Tu Bees honey, syrup, flavoured lentil snacks, pea pop snacks, & chick pea snacks, Petrofke dried apples and gourmet fudge. (Champagne Cider is not shippable)


White or Black & gold themed gift box filled with assorted coffees, coffee creamers, chocolate covered coffee beans, biscotti, chocolates, popcorn, cookies etc.


You want chocolate! This basket maybe filled with seasonal everything Milk and Dark chocolate, French truffles, mints, bars, pretzels, cookies, almonds, popcorn, white & dark hot chocolate, etc.**


A stunning gift of a fresh flowering Christmas arrangement and Christmas goodies designed in an oval gift basket and

gift wrapped with cello and ribbons. **


Beautifully designed wicker basket ( baskets may vary based on availability) can contain holiday coffees, Lindt and Truffle chocolates, Scottish Shortbread, G.V. flavored hot chocolates, peppermint bark, Saskatoon berry jam, mulling mixes,chai tea, savory cheeses, plain & seasoned crackers, festive cheese ball mix, holiday chocolates, candies and popcorns, assorted dips and chips etc.


A beautifully designed die cut tree gift box to impress can be filled with European cookies, Truffles, hot chocolates, mulling cider, assorted chocolates, assorted crackers, cheeses, gourmet nuts, cakes, etc. )