Fathers Day


Can be filled with herb, vegetable and flower garden seeds, gardening gloves, herbal tea, Chocolate butterfly, bees chocolates, lemonades, cookies, popcorn, nuts & cookies. (Seasonal - Saskatoon Store Only)


Bamboo plant pot wrapped in bumble bee designed cello filled with a garden tool, hand sanitizer, chocolate bees,

2 assorted garden seeds, iced tea, chocolate carrot, savoury snacks, 4" hanging wooden word garden sign.


Themed Golf Picnic Bag designed for 2 and may contain glasses, napkins, cutting board, utensils, dishes, cork screw, crackers, cheese, cider, truffles, pretzels, cookies etc.


Wicker basket may contain a wide variety gourmet nuts, milk & dark chocolates, Saskatoon berry chocolates, Saskatoon Berry jams, pistachios, peanuts, cookies, fudge, dip mixes, assorted crackers, fancy truffles, buttery vanilla caramels, biscuits, popcorn, savoury pretzels, gourmet coffee, hot chocolates, European cheese, smoked salmon and more. (Quantity and selection will increase with price)


The Handy Man is designed in a tool box and maybe filled with: assorted nuts,coffee,popcorn,iced teas potato chips, candies, chocolates, dill pretzels bungee cords, first aid kit, hand sanitizer, filter masks, tape measure, set foam brushes,work gloves etc. Items will depend on the size you order.
(Available in Saskatoon store only and for shipping) Products will vary based on stock.


A golf themed box containing golf balls, tees, ball scrubber, golf ball chocolates, nuts, iced teas, chocolates, coffee, snack foods etc.


A hub cap for the car enthusiast filled with assorted guy snacks & car magazines. (Available in Saskatoon store only and for shipping)

Junk food such as assorted candies & bars, candies, hot chocolate,popcorn, licorice etc.

Wicker basket containing numerous and varied fresh seasonal & exotic fruits of the season. The ultimate classic fruit basket.

Large metal colander filled with assorted pastas, pasta sauces and seasoning, caesar dressing mixes, bread dip seasonings, dark roast coffee, chocolate...


Themed Picnic Back Pack designed for 2 may contain glasses, napkins, cutting board, utensils, dishes, cork screw & crackers, cheese, cider, truffles, pretzels, cookies, lemonade.


Filled with everything made in Saskatchewan and can be filled with dried Saskatoon berries, fudge,

lentil snacks, pea pops, honey, Saskatoon berry jam, syrup, chocolates, chickpeas, teas etc.