For The Guys


A wicker gift basket filled with assorted biscuits and cookies, dark and milk chocolates, gourmet plain and flavoured coffees, herbal and plain teas, preserves, cheese, crackers etc. (Basket design will vary with occasion & inventory)


Candies, Fruit & nut, biscuits, jerky, mochaccino hot chocolate, granola bars, cookies, kodiak coffee, pretzels, roasted chickpea and peapops, assorted chocolates, popcorn in a sporting gift box.


6" Chocolate colored keepsake bowl filled with chocolates, teas, jelly bellies and cookies. Contents will vary based on occasion and season.


A Thank You gift box - filled with chai tea, iced tea, pretzel,herbal teas, cheese, crackers, European cookies, assorted chocolate , gourmet coffee, candies, etc.


Pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, gourmet coffee, mochaccino or iced tea, caramel popcorn, granola bar, trail mix and almond butter crunch bar.

Themed Boxco box 6" x 4" x 4"


Wicker basket includes an assortment of delicious licorice snacks, plus assorted candies and savoury snacks.


Black & White Themed 8" Boxco box filled with Popcorn, biscuits, shortbread cookies, chocolates, pretzels, hot chocolate,

assorted teas, etc.


The best of everything. Antipastos, cheeses, crackers, fudge, pates, truffles, chocolates, cashews, candies, biscuits, fruit and nut mix, peanuts, pate oysters, pistachios, jams, dips, herbal teas, gourmet coffees and so much more


Assorted fresh fruit, teas, chocolates, and nuts.

Medium Shown $119.99.


Popcorn gift box filled with gourmet popcorns, chocolates, beverage mix, licorice and more.