Valentines Day


A 7" Mod gift bag filled with assorted chocolates. Designs will vary based on occasion eg.Valentine's, Christmas, Birthdays, Thank You's etc.


A combo of a Flower Arrangement of a mixture of red roses, carnations, berries and greenery, with hot chocolates, Valentine's candies, chocolates and more.


Just like it says . . . an assortment of chocolate, sweets and savoury snacks


Attractive themed box may contain Hersey kisses, solid heart chocolate, herbal teas, Jelly Bellies, White Chocolate Popcorn, Valentines Chocolates, Chocolate almonds. Almond Roca, allsorts, peppermint candies, Marshmallow heart, Lindt dark chocolate, assorted nuts,pretzels, Kahlua or Kodiak gourmet coffee, truffles etc.( Box Design may vary-Saskatoon only- Limited Supply)


Attractive 8' Valentine's themed box containing Creamy hot chocolate, Lindt dark chocolate, Dillon bar, chocolate heart, shortbread cookies, Valentine's chocolates, gummies and candies, herbal teas ( Box Design may vary-Saskatoon only- Limited Supply)


Attractive wrapped gift box filled with an assortment of products with nuts in them, for the nutty one!


Choose from our selection or call for a special one of a kind bouquet or Large 24' to 36' Jumbo balloons at $13.99- $22.00 each


A treat for any female - Gift Box filled with English Lavender Scent- soothing milk bath, herbal teas, bath scrubbie, votive candle, Chai tea, Grape Seed Facial mask and chocolate. (Box design will vary)


A brown and white striped purse gift box filled with herbal teas, cookies,candies, chocolates, and 3 fresh gerbera daisy flowers.


Stylish fresh & hot coffee mug filled with gourmet coffee, hot chocolate, cafe crunch & chocolate SASKATOON ONLY.


Decorative brown & white 6" handled box filled with coffees, teas, hot chocolates and chocolates.


Ideal for the person with a sweet tooth, this fun design is filled with chocolate bars, candies, popcorn and more. Designed as a bouquet. ( containers will vary)

Also themes can also be varied based on the holidays or occasion (Easter, Valentine's, Christmas etc.)