About Creative Compliments™

We are very proud that since our beginning, way back in 1988, we've become Saskatchewan's #1 gift basket & flower "business"!

From that very beginning, even though they were something new, gift baskets have been our business and now, we've become a premiere Saskatoon florist delivering city wide. As we grew, we soon realized that our unique and attractive gift baskets and flowers, along with our passion to serve, were attracting more and more customers and we're very proud that so many people, and our city's corporate "who's who", keep coming to our door.

So what's in it for you to join with them?

Well, there are many reasons for coming to us for your gift baskets and flowers. The food ingredients that go into your Creative Compliments™ designed basket, for example, are always unique, of specialty and, except for the fresh seasonal fruit that we hand select the day your basket goes out our door, some varieties of cheeses, even popular Saskatchewan made foods, you won't often find most of them on the shelves of a supermarket. In fact, even the included bath and body products in our spa and pamper baskets, prepared just for us, are always under our quality control scrutiny. As well, our baby knits are designed and hand made, under contract, so they're just right for that newborn baby basket. Additionally, our coolers of fresh cut flowers are replenished each Monday so you can be assured of their freshness and long life. There is much more that we do but, you can begin to appreciate why we made "Creative" our first name. Simply put, we believe it's not just the artistic design, but how unique your gift baskets and flowers can be, that really makes the impression!

Truly, though, there's even much more in it for you when you purchase our gift baskets and flowers. First up, for your convenience, our reliable and secure delivery in both Saskatoon and Regina. Easy to order, especially if you need a custom designed basket or floral arrangement. You'll appreciate that your gift basket and flowers are prepared not only in our "smoke free" environment but our premises are fully to "commercial" health and cleanliness requirements.

You can be proud that your gift basket and flower purchase enables us to contribute to the Saskatoon and Regina economies too, through the property taxes paid right down to employing our talented and conscientious "award winning" gift basket and floral designers. To support that courier who delivers your Christmas gift baskets and all occasion flowers to the offices of those special customers' and clients, even employees' homes. Everywhere they go, your gift baskets and flowers put smiles on a lot of faces.

Sure, we take a lot of pride as a small business serving other small & large businesses, individuals and our community's many organizations while at the same time making a significant contribution to the cities' economies, its people and its spirit, so when you think about it, even though you give our gift baskets and flowers away, there's really a lot in it for you, too!


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