Ba$ket Buck$™

"Your Just Rewards!"

Giving It All You Got?

Isn't it time you got a bigger bang for your buck? Well now you can!!!

Whether you're an individual person, a staff association, social committee, union or an organization of another kind, our Ba$ket Buck$™ are designed to reward those coming back to us more often for Flowers and Gift Baskets*.

It works very simply too!

After you've registered, you receive Ba$ket Buck$™ equivalent to the value of each online purchase* you make and as they accumulate, at varying levels, you can redeem* them for credit against a future purchase.

For example, let's say you purchase a Gift Basket or Flowers for $80.00, then 80 Ba$ket Buck$™ are set aside in your name, or that of whatever entity you represent. Once you've accumulated 500 Ba$ket Buck$™, they're redeemable* for a $60.00 credit to apply against your future purchases. If you choose not to redeem* them at the first 500 Ba$ket Buck$™ level but, instead, to continue accumulating them, then you can redeem* them when you reach the next 500 Ba$ket Buck$™ level, or the next, or the next! As you ascend to each Ba$ket Buck$™ level, your redemption* credit grows until you choose to apply some, or all, of the credits to a purchase.

Getting with the program is easy . . .

Simply scroll up to "My Account" at the top of the page, or click here and then register. Thereafter, your every website purchase will give you Ba$ket Buck$tm reward* points, equivalent to the value of the gift baskets and flowers you purchase.

*PLEASE NOTE that Ba$ket Buck$™ rewards are non-transferable, are not redeemable for cash, delivery services, applicable taxes, towards purchases necessitating referral to other providers in other destinations, purchases having a delivery date of between November 15 through to the following January 15 in the new year (these purchases will still earn Ba$ket Buck$ redeemable for all other times) nor can they be combined with any other sale or promotional offering. Ba$ket Buck$™ can be accumulated continuously and be redeemed, after each $500.00 accumulation, towards the purchase of regularly priced Gift Baskets or Flowers. Creative Compliments™ reserves the right to alter, modify or discontinue Ba$ket Buck$™, and the Ba$ket Buck$™ redemption credits program, at any time, without prior notice.

We accept the following forms of payment:
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