4" flowering or tropical plant in a colorful pot. SASKATOON ONLY


Beautiful colored or clear glass cube vase is filled with an assortment of colorful flowers. ( glass cube comes in various colors and depends on inventory.) Designed in seasonal flowers.


Towering boxes adorned with a 4" flowering or tropical plant ( types will vary between tropical and flowering based on inventory) filled with a candies, chocolates & cookies SASKATOON ONLY

Design based on Occasion- Easter, Birthday, Mother's Day, Get Well, Thank You, etc.


A reflection of calm- a ceramic container designed with daisies, carnations, babies breath, greenery. ( colors may vary) Can be designed based on season- Christmas, Fall etc.


A 4" flowering plant and a 4" tropical plant in bedded in moss designed in a double mint plastic pot. (plants and pots will vary depending on the season & weekly availability)


A metal oval or round wicker basket container filled with tropical and flowering plants (One size only, plants & colors will vary based on seasonal inventory.


Papel container designed with assorted greens, chocolate bees and teas. SASKATOON ONLY


Seasonal flower arrangement with butterfly pics, fresh flowers and greens. ( colors will vary)


Metal or Oval wicker basket with one side a fresh seasonal floral arrangement and the other filled with assorted gourmet foods. Will be designed based on seasonal flowers and gourmet foods. Eg. Christmas, Valentine's, Easter,Birthday, Anniversary, Baby, Get Well, Thanksgiving, Spring, Fall etc.


A Designer's Choice - Fresh Cut Seasonal Flowers and Greens- No Vase


A 4" decorative Easter ceramic container designed with assorted blooms. ... LIMITED SUPPLY


Metal Oval Flowering & Garden themed container with assorted 4" plants (variety will vary) SASKATOON ONLY