Gift Baskets


A gift basket or gift box can be filled with Saskatoon berry jams, sparkling cider, teas, berry toppings, syrups, local honey, Prairie cherry bark, chocolate covered dried apples, juice & spread, jerky, wild rice, assorted Sask. creamy fudge and gourmet popcorn, chocolate covered or dried Saskatoon berries, plus hot chocolate, truffles, shortbread cookies, coffees, biscuits, candies, pretzels, nuts etc..**

.. **Containers, Quantities & Sizes Vary With Price. Gift box maybe used for shipping instead of basket. Designed based on season or occasion - Christmas, Birthdays, Thank You, Sympathy, Conventions, Corporate, Welcome Home, New Business etc.


Great for Celebrating. Can include caramel popcorn, Dutch cookies, jelly beans, chocolate, teas, apple cider, hot chocolate, licorice, truffles, nuts, coffee etc. (Will be designed based on occasion-Easter, Get Well, Birthday, Thanks, Kids, etc.)

(Design of box will vary based on occasion)


Spring themed gift box filled with chocolate carrot, chocolate bunny, hot chocolate, Easter eggs, shortbread cookies, truffles, carmel popcorn. ONE SIZE. Please note this Easter themed box will vary in design)


6" White or Black Metal Pot filled with a veggie chips, chocolate bunny, Easter eggs, Reeses pieces, chocolate carrot, fruit and nut mix & chocolate chip cookies.


A treat for any female - 7" designed gift box can be filled with soothing bath products, votive candle, hot chocolates or herbal teas, bath scrubbie, nail file, facial mask and chocolates. (Box design, scents and colors will vary based on inventory)


Attractively themed floral design or heart gift box may contain- hot chocolate, truffles, fudge, chocolate cookies, savouy pretzels, jelly bellies and chocolate covered pretzels. ONE SIZE ONLY ( Patterns of box will vary based on occasion and season - Valentine's Day, Admin Week, Mother's Day, Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Graduations, etc


Attractive designed gift box may contain -Assorted teas, Lindt and assorted chocolates, trail mix, peanuts, chocolate covered almonds, shortbread cookies, jelly bellies, gourmet coffee, assorted candies, caramel popcorn, hot chocolate, small plush, chocolate covered pretzels, etc.

Gift box design and product will may vary and will be adjusted based on occasion; Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Get Well etc.


Attractive Kisses and Hugs or heart decor decorated pot contains caramel popcorn, shortbread cookies, jelly bellies, creamy hot chocolate and assorted themed chocolates.


Assorted chocolates, 6 fresh red roses as a bouquet ( not in a vase), small plush, chocolates and 18" mylar balloon. ( Balloons & plush will vary)

Designed based on occasion.


An assortment of dark and milk chocolates, dusted truffles, popcorn, plain and herbal teas, honey pretzels, & cookies etc.


Gourmet Hot Chocolate, Floating Hearts Chocolate, Caramel popcorn, Valentine chocolate cinnamon heart lollipop, mini chocolate eggs, Jelly bellies.


A gift box adorned with seasonal or the occasions cello and bows, which can contain a great assortment of seasonal gourmet sweets like chocolates, shortbread, candies, ginger cookies, kodiak coffee, candies, assorted nuts, popcorn, hot chocolates, truffles etc.

Designed per the occasion: birthday, get well, Christmas, thank you etc.