Kid's pail ( Designs will vary basket on season: Easter, Kids, Birthdays, Christmas etc.)may be filled with plush toy, chocolate bars, candies, stickers, sheet games, notepads, crayons, colouring books, activity books, glow sticks, hot chocolate, craft kits, pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, cheezies, popcorn & jelly beans. Ages 3 - 10 years. One Price Only. In order form indicate genderand age. Design of pails will vary.


"A keeper" canvas lidded storage organizer can be filled with comforting foods assorted milk and dark chocolates, hot chocolates, truffles, ice wine and herbal teas, gourmet coffee, licorice, candy, chips, pretzels, caramel popcorns, licorice, fruit and nut mix, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate bars, adult coloring box and colored pencils, puzzles, playing cards, dominos, crosswords and sudoko books etc. ( Content is based on price)


For Boy or Girl. Designed in a Little Tike’s chair and filled with a Ty teddy bear, sleepers, books, picture frames, face cloths, receiving blanket, baby lotions and soaps, chocolate cigars, pacifier, rubber ducky, hand knit hat and booties, bibs, snacks etc.shown $199.99COLORS OF CHAIRS WILL VARY DEPENDING ON INVENTORY


Man Cave Ceramic Mug filled with coffee, hot chocolate, popcorn and chocolate (One Size).


Brown & white stripped 6 " gift box filled with everybody's favourite sweets.


Attractive Gift Box wrapped with movie themed ribbon & filled With Assorted Microwave & flavored popcorn, savory snacks, hot chocolates or iced teas, assorted Chocolate Bars, Jelly Bellies, Chips etc.

Housewarming themed gift box maybe filled with gourmet foods & snack, coffees, dips, cheese, crackers, jams etc.


Attractive wrapped gift box or tray can be filled with an assortment of nut products, eg: chocolate covered almonds, cashews, honey roasted and BBQ peanuts, sierra nut mix, fruit and nuts, pistachios, trail mix, mixed nuts,beer nuts, sunflower seeds, dark chocolate with nuts and cherries, etc.


Oh! A trip down memory lane. Candies, Gum & Chocolates from the 50's, 60's & 70's. Gift box may contain: Juicy Fruit, Thrills, Tootsie Rolls, Crispy Crunch, Life Savers, Musketeers, Sweet Tarts, O'Henry, Coffee Crisp, Smarties, Kit Kats, Double Bubble, Hot Tamales, Junior Mints, Mr. Big, Nibs, Fuzz Peach, Wine gums, Bounty etc.


A gift box decorated in vibrant colours - may be filled with relaxing bath soak, face masks, soaps, creamy lotion, gourmet coffee, assorted chocolates, teas, bath scrubby, candle & votive holder, etc.(Content selection & quantity increases with size) ( Fragances will vary based on inventory.)


Can be filled with everything made in Saskatchewan. and can be filled with dried Saskatoon berries, lentil snacks, pea pops, honey, Saskatoon berry jam, syrup, chocolate covered berries, chickpeas, teas plus other snacks-cookies, pretzels, coffee etc.


Popular for sharing! Each tray is designed and may contain a selection of nuts, peanuts, truffles, fruit & nut mix, jelly beans, snack mix, popcorn, cookies, pretzels, chocolate covered almonds, candies, assorted chocolates etc. Shown $149.99 ( Will be modified based on season and occasion ) (All products are in there own sealed bags)