Boss' Week


Attractive basket or gift tray filled with delicious truffles, candies, popcorn, chocolate, cheese, crackers, cookies, herbal teas, flavoured or plain gourmet coffee, hot chocolates etc.. Must be kept cool. (Shown $(104.99 basket)


This design is filled with everything chocolate: truffles, fudge, cookies, cakes, pretzels, popcorn, white, dark and milk, hot chocolates, chocolate covered Saskatoon Berries etc. Contents & container designs will vary based on inventory and will be designed based on occasion- Christmas, Birthdays, Sympathy, Admin Professionals week, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter, Valentine's Day, etc. Shown $140.00


White or Black & gold themed gift box filled with assorted coffees, chocolate covered coffee beans, assorted cookies, coffee mug, truffles, cappuccino mix etc.

Box design may vary)


Wicker basket filled with comforting foods- assorted chocolates and cheeses, crackers, pistachios, cashews, allsorts licorice, fruit and nut mix, candies, biscuits and cookies, Sask. popcorn, Saskatoon berry jam, herbal teas, kodiak coffee etc. Adorned with a comforting, cozy plush bear.

Shown $250.00. Colors of bears will vary.


An assorted mix of Candies & Chocolates & Beverages: Such as Fudge, Candies, Popcorn, Truffles, Jelly Bellies, Coffees, Teas, Hot

chocolates & Milk & Dark Chocolates. Great for all occasions.



A 6" keepsake ceramic golf ball container filled with golf balls, golf ball chocolates, tees, towel & beverages. One size only.


Assorted hand selected, fresh seasonal fruit, nuts, assorted milk and dark chocolates. (Chocolates will be reflect the season i.e. Easter, Get Well, Birthday, Hospital, Sympathy Valentine's, Christmas etc. -SASKATOON ONLY


Gold gift box filled with jams, dips,chutney, chocolates, popcorn, biscuits, oysters, pate, cheese & crackers, etc.


Great for family to share!!! Can contain: Herbal Teas, jelly bellies, cookies, candies, popcorn, mini chocolate bars and pumpkin balls, dark chocolate, black licorice and gum, chocolate truffles,peanuts, fruit and nut mix, chocolate covered Saskatoon berries and Saskatoon berry jam, lentil and chick pea snacks, balloon etc. (selection, size and quantity vary with price)


Man Cave Ceramic Mug filled with coffee, hot chocolate, popcorn and chocolate (One Size).


Candies, fruit & nut, biscuits, jerky, mochaccino hot chocolate, granola bars, cookies, kodiak coffee, pretzels, roasted chickpea and peapops, assorted chocolates, popcorn etc in a sporting gift box.


Pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, gourmet coffee, mochaccino or iced tea, caramel popcorn, granola bar, trail mix and Lindt chocolates.

Themed Boxco box 6" x 4" x 4" ( 2 different Styles)