Great for Sharing and Entertaining! It can include assorted biscuits & cookies, caramel popcorn, kodiak coffee, chai tea, assorted crackers, antipasto, festive candies and chocolates, mints, yummy cakes, CD, assorted Christmas games, chocolate truffles, pretzels, candy canes, Ontario peanuts, eggnog & creamy cocoa, peppermint bark, napkins, holiday teas, wine* etc.** Shown $189.99 (Basket design and colors may vary, Contents, Containers, Quantities & Sizes Vary With Price.)


Thank You Chocolate Bar with Truffles


A gift basket or gift box can be filled with wild Saskatoon berry jam, sparkling cider, decaf teas, berry toppings, syrups, lentils, chickpeas & pea pops, assorted honey, creamy fudge, jerky, chocolate covered or dried Saskatoon berries, candles, magnets..(**Shown $149.99) Sparkling Cider cannot be shipped. Contents, Containers, Quantities & Sizes Vary With Price.

A stunning gift of a fresh flowering Christmas arrangement and Christmas goodies designed in an oval gift basket and gift wrapped with cello and ribbons. ** Contents, Containers, Quantities & Sizes Vary With Price. (NOT FOR SHIPPING. SASKATOON ONLY)


Black & Gold designed boxes filled with assorted Christmas gourmet foods, candies, ice wine tea, pretzels, caramel wafers, chocolates & cookies etc. Contents, Containers, Quantities & Sizes Vary With Price.


Decorative Pine Cone and Poinsettia Gift Box- 3 tiers- contains milk and dark chocolates, hot chocolates, cider, snacks etc. (limited supply)

A white or silver tray can be filled with caramel popcorn, Christmas candies, assorted herbal and plain teas, buttery short bread cookies, solid milk chocolate wreath and kodiak coffee. (Contents, Containers, Quantities & Sizes Vary With Price. )

A beautifully designed die cut tree gift box to impress can be filled with festive candies, gourmet coffees, gourmet nuts, holiday popcorn, shortbread & ginger cookies, toffees, oysters, hot chocolate, assorted chocolates, 5’ o clock crunch, antipasto, crackers, jam, etc.** LIMITED QUANTITY Contents, Containers, Quantities & Sizes Vary With Price.


An impressively designed gift basket can be filled with classic gourmet foods, such as fudge, European cheeses, chocolate bark, Toblerone chocolate, Delicious butter shortbread, Fruit & Nut mix, Caramel popcorn, Saskatoon Berry Champagne cider, Turtles chocolates, After Eight mints, antipasto, olives, hard and chocolate candies, chocolate or buttery pretzels, assorted biscuits, cheese crackers, Truffles, Toffee, European cookies, gourmet flavoured and plain coffees, chai and green tes, milk & dark chocolate etc. Will be designed and decorated based on season and occasion.**Basket containers may vary. (**Contents, quantities and sizes vary with price *Alcohol must be customer supplied) Shown $349.99


A rectangular gift box adorned with Christmas ribbon & enhancements and can contain a great assortment of gourmet sweets like chocolates, shortbread, candies, cookies and savory snacks such as assorted nuts, pretzels, popcorn, hot chocolates, truffles etc. Great for shipping. (Contents, Containers, Quantities & Sizes Vary With Price.)


Wicker basket adorned with traditional Christmas wrap and bows and can be filled** to the brim with seasonal hot & spicy nuts, popcorn, french truffles, cranberry cider, Christmas cookies, smoked oysters,Christmas napkins, votive candles, peppermint candies, yoghurt pretzels, brie cheese, crackers, assorted coffees ,olives, pate, eggnog mix and herbal teas, Christmas ornament, red & white wine* and much more.**
(**Contents, quantities and sizes vary with price *Alcohol must be customer supplied) Shown $199.99.

Great for sharing at the office or at home! It can include festive ginger cookies, popcorn, holiday coffee, assorted cheeses, pepper crackers, classic antipasto, holiday candies, assorted milk and dark chocolates, mints, butter shortbread, truffles, pretzels, biscuits, candy canes, assorted nuts, creamy cocoa, holiday teas, wine* etc.**Shown $199.99 (Contents, Containers, Quantities & Sizes Vary With Price)