Get Well Soon


For the health conscious this basket is a pleasure.Assorted seasonal fruits plus jam, dark chocolate, herbal teas, mixed nuts, cookies, pretzels, granola bars and more (Basket design will vary - Shown $149.99)


Assorted hand selected, fresh seasonal fruit and assorted nuts.


Huge, hand selected, variety of fresh seasonal fruit


White Metal pot wrapped in bee & bug designed cello filled with a garden tool, assorted garden seeds, iced tea, chocolate bees, butterfly and carrot, savoury snacks, garden sign and gloves etc. ( Pots will vary)


A Colorful Get Well theme box can be filled with Herbal teas, Biscuits, Fruit and Nut Mix, Popcorn, Truffles, Trail Mix, Granola Bar, Werther Candies, Chips, Chocolate bars, Sudoko or Crossword Puzzle book.


Colourful and decorative gift box (colors will vary) with assorted chocolates, nuts, candies, Sask. fudge, popcorn, herbal teas and more.


Wicker basket may contain a wide variety gourmet nuts, milk & dark chocolates, Saskatoon berry chocolates, Saskatoon Berry honey, fruit and nut mix, peanuts, Chocolate fudge, dip mixes, assorted crackers, fancy truffles, biscuits, popcorn, savoury pretzels, gourmet coffee, hot chocolates, European cheese and more. (Quantity and selection will increase with price) Shown $149.99.


Make a Lasting Impression!
Tall gift basket may be filled with Saskatoon berry cider, chai tea, cookies, butter pretzels, syrups, creamy cocoa, popcorn, Saskatoon berry jam, mixed nuts, pistachios, fruit candies, veggie dips, herbal teas, truffles etc .Basket style may vary based on inventory.


Gift basket with an assortment items to snack on including cookies, crackers, antipasto, plain & herbal teas, assorted coffees, assorted candies, truffles, cider, nuts, popcorn, herbal cheese, pretzels, dark and milk chocolate etc. Shown $169.99


Golf balls, tees, iced tea towel, cookies, trail mix, roasted chickpeas, pretzels, golf ball chocolates all in an attractive golf themed gift box


2 tier 4" colorful boxes (Colors Will Vary) can be filled with cookies, candies, pretzels, chocolates, snack mix, flavoured teas, gourmet coffee etc. Can be custom designed.


Kid's pail ( Designs will vary basket on season: Easter, Kids, Birthdays, Christmas etc.)may be filled with plush toy, chocolate bars, candies, stickers, sheet games, notepads, crayons, colouring books, activity books, hot chocolate, craft kits, pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, cheezies, popcorn & jelly beans. Ages 3 - 10 years. One Price Only. In order form indicate genderand age. Design of pails will vary.