This Sympathy basket contains assorted comfort foods: chocolates, nuts, biscuits, crackers, brie cheese, gourmet coffee, assorted herbal teas, candies, and more. Adorned with hand tied bows. Shown $189.99.

Wicker basket includes chocolates, cheese, crackers, nuts, candies, cookies, popcorns, pates, etc. Adorned with a comforting plush bear.

Wicker basket containing comforting gourmet foods- French truffles, popcorn, Saskatoon Berry jam and chocolates, mixed nuts, savory & sweet pretzels,...

A wicker basket filled with comfort foods to share.


This comforting tea basket contains a ceramic 6 cup Windsor teapot, 4 bistro mugs, assorted European cookies, Herbal, Chai, Saskatoon Berry, Green, Fruit and Plain Teas, Chocolates etc. (One Size Only, Limited Availability)



A wicker basket suited to every occasion filled with fancy chocolates, herbal, chai and plain teas, brie cheese, savory and buttery pretzels, fruit and nut mix, mixed nuts, caramel popcorn, salt water taffy, assorted plain and seasoned crackers, biscuits, Saskatoon Berry honey, pate, dried fruit, dark and milk chocolate, truffles, honey, assorted cookies and more.


Full of gourmet foods that will delight them. Great for sharing. A deluxe "WOW" design can be filled with assorted gourmet coffees, plain and herbal teas, assorted nut mixes, brie cheese and crackers, biscuits, antipasto, candies, crunch mix, dip mixes, dark and milk chocolate, chocolate covered popcorn, Saskatoon berry jam, buttery pretzels, smoked salmon, european cookies etc. (Container may vary based on inventory). Contents, Containers, Quantities & Sizes Vary With Price. Can be designed based on season. (Christmas, Get Well, Corporate, and all other occasions)


Huge, hand selected, variety of fresh seasonal fruit


The best of everything. Antipastos, cheeses, crackers, fudge, pates, truffles, chocolates, cashews, candies, biscuits, fruit and nut mix, peanuts, oysters, pistachios, jams, dips, herbal teas, gourmet coffees and so much more


A distinctive mix of Gourmet cheeses, Saskatoon Berry jams, syrups, Saskatoon Berry tea, hot chocolates, smoked salmon, assorted crackers, assorted cookies, popcorn, delious cakes, buttery pretzels, assorted nuts, veggie dips, bbq spices, French truffles, milk & dark chocolate, toffee and hard candies and so much more as size increases.

Will Create Based On Season. Contents, Containers, Quantities & Sizes Vary With Price.