Assorted fresh fruit, teas, chocolates, and nuts.

Medium Shown $119.99.


The best of everything. Antipastos, cheeses, crackers, fudge, pates, truffles, chocolates, cashews, candies, biscuits, fruit and nut mix, peanuts, oysters, pistachios, jams, dips, herbal teas, gourmet coffees and so much more


Attractive colorful gift boxes adorned with ribbons (assorted sizes and colors) and can be filled with lotions, milk bath, candles & votive holder, chocolates, snacks, bath scrubby, herbal teas etc. Ask about monthly fragrance as they will vary based on inventory. (Contents vary with price)


Black & White Themed 8" Boxco box filled with Popcorn, biscuits, shortbread cookies, chocolates, pretzels, hot chocolate,

assorted teas, etc.


A wicker gift basket filled with assorted biscuits and cookies, dark and milk chocolates, gourmet plain and flavoured coffees, herbal and plain teas, preserves, cheese, crackers etc. (Basket design will vary with occasion & inventory)

A wicker basket filled with comfort foods to share.


Popular for sharing! Each tray is designed with a selection of nuts, taffy, peanuts, French truffles, fruit & nut mix, jelly beans, snack mix, popcorn, European cookies, pretzels, chocolate covered almonds, candies, trail mix, assorted chocolates etc. Shown $149.99 (Will be modified based on season and occasion)


Designed in a wicker tray with tissue and ribbon filled with the best-Dried Saskatoon berries, Saskatoon berry Tea, chocolate covered berries, lentil and pea pops, Saskatoon berry syrup, Moose fudge and 2 delicious Saskatoon berry chocolates.


This Sympathy basket contains assorted comfort foods: chocolates, nuts, biscuits, crackers, brie cheese, gourmet coffee, assorted herbal teas, candies, and more. Adorned with hand tied bows. Shown $189.99.

Wicker basket containing comforting gourmet foods- French truffles, popcorn, Saskatoon Berry jam and chocolates, mixed nuts, savory & sweet pretzels,...


This comforting tea basket contains a ceramic 6 cup Windsor teapot, 4 bistro mugs, assorted European cookies, Herbal, Chai, Saskatoon Berry, Green, Fruit and Plain Teas, Chocolates etc. (One Size Only, Limited Availability)



Wicker basket can be filled to the brim with gourmet treats that need no preparation such as assorted cookies, jams, gourmet cheese, crackers, savory snacks, antipasto, gourmet nuts, assorted chocolates, coffees, herbal teas, pretzels etc. Shown $169.99